Symphony for String Orchestra

Composed in 1992
Premiered by Javeriana Chamber Orchestra, Svetoslav Manolov, conductor, 1992.
Duration: 9’30 min.

Orquesta de Cámara Javeriana, Luis Guillermo Vicaría, conductor (picture from 2010)

The Symphony for String Orchestra was composed in 1992 and premiered by the Javeriana Chamber Orchestra with Svetoslav Manolov conducting. The piece was inspired mostly by some of the works of Stravinsky’s neoclassical period, particularly Apollon Musagète and the Concerto in D. The Symphony is clearly structured as a Sonata form. Its two contrasting themes musically and dramatically oppose each other during the development and conclude the work reconciling their differences in the recapitulation. The first material is rhythmic, angular with an unstable character while the second material is more lyrical and cantabile.

This recording: TCU Orchestra, L.G. Vicaria, conductor