Nocturno for viola and piano

Nocturno for Viola and Piano (2006)
Premiered by Laura Klugherz, viola, and Steve Heyman, piano, in Hamilton and Syracuse New York in February, 2007.

Duration: 9 min.

Excerpt from Nocturno

The title ‘Nocturno’ describes the meditative and lyrical character of this piece for viola and piano. The entire piece is comprised of two distinct alternating themes: the first one, introduced by the viola solo in its lowest register, is a monologue, an austere melody similar to a plain chant, inspired in a way by Ligeti’s viola sonata; the second theme is more lyrical, rhythmic and harmonically richer, as well as more interactive with the piano. Both themes alternate and combine variously throughout the piece in a process of permanent variation and development.

This recording: Amy Diefes, viola, and Kirk Severtson, piano