Mirth, fog – for flute and piano

Picture from Mirth fog performance at UNLV 08112015
Jennifer Grim and Timothy Hoft premiering Mirth, fog on August 2015

The title “Mirth, fog” is an anagram made with the letters from the last names of the performers who premiered the piece and to whom the work is dedicated: Jennifer Grim, Timothy Hoft. The piece has 3 movements and an interlude between the first and the second movement. The sharp rhythmic and emotional contrasts between characters throughout the piece are musical metaphors of mirth and fog. Mirth evokes joy, amusement, euphoria, and laughter; and fog suggests darkness, mystery, haze, and sorrow—combining them in one piece creates a charged mix of feelings and emotions. Movement I: slow and improvisatory—fast—calm; interlude: slow and lyrical in a mostly low register for the flute; movement II: dark and mysterious; movement III: rhythmic, angular, fast. The agitated character of the third movement is also the result of the use and development of two Colombian rhythmic structures: the pasillo and the bambuco.

Duration: 11 min

The composition, premiere, and recording of this work was funded, in part, by the Nevada Arts Council, a state agency, and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency