Divertimento (2008) for clarinet, violin, cello and piano
Commissioned by the III Cartagena International Music Festival. Premiered at the III International Music Festival in Cartagena, 2009; José Franch-Ballester, clarinet; Angélica Gámez, violin; Andrés Díaz, cello; Stephen Prutsman, piano, January 16, 2009.

Duration: 16 min.

After the Premiere of Divertimento at the III Cartagena International Music Festival – from left to right: Andrés Díaz, cello; Diego Vega; Steven Prutsman, piano; Jose-Franch Ballester, clarinet; Angélica Gámez, violin
  • I. Prelude
  • II. Tocatta
  • III. Danza – Lullaby
  • IV. Bambuco fiestero – Perpetuum mobile

Divertimento for clarinet, violin, cello, and piano was commissioned by the Salvi Foundation and the III Cartagena International Music Festival and was premiered in January 2009.  Four movements constitute the work.  The first movement is a prelude that introduces the work’s main themes.  This movement is inspired in the bembé, an afro-cuban rhythm.  The second movement, a toccata, is a more rhythmic, playful, and virtuosistic music, developing materials from the first movement.  The third movement, Danza – Lullaby is inspired in the danza from Bogotá –cousin of the habanera and the tango.  During this movement you can hear the lullaby melody after a short introduction, and then, when the baby is finally sleeping, you can hear its dream music, a little rhythmic adventure that concludes with a more serene and contemplative version of the lullaby.  Finally, the rhythmic and agitated Bambuco fiesteroPerpetuum mobile, concludes the work bringing back short memories from the previous movements.

SOLI Chamber Ensemble premiered Divertimento in North America – from left to right: David Mollenauer, Stephanie Key, Carolyn True, Ertan Torgul

This recording: SOLI Chamber Ensemble