Motets of Notre-Dame

Motets of Notre-Dame (1995)
Premiered by Maîtrise de Notre-Dame de Paris, Nicole Corti, conductor, 1995; Notre-Dame Cathedral, Paris, France.

The Cornell Chamber Singers and Diego Vega, conductor, after a performance of Sanctus

The motets Sanctus and Cantate Domino were composed and premiered in Paris in 1995 when Vega was composer-in-residence at Notre-Dame Cathedral. Sanctus is scored for three-voice female or children choir with organ accompaniment. The form of the motet is based in the structure of the traditional prayer, including a textural and harmonic contrast in its second section—BenedictusCantate Domino is scored for mixed a capella choir. Both pieces use Gregorian melodies as cantus firmus over which the harmonic discourse is constructed.

excerpt from Sanctus