(Di)Ego Dixi

(Di)Ego Dixi for Flute and Piano(2001)
Premiered by Joshua Nemith, piano, and Heather Verbeck, flute, CCM, 2001
Published by Eafit University, Medellín, Colombia, 2001

Duration: 10 min.

(Di)Ego Dixi is a piece for flute and piano in three short movements. The first movement explores the rhythmic structure and the character of the pasillo and the bambuco, two traditional folk dances from the Colombian Andes. The second movement begins as a slow recitativo and leads to a fast section based on the mapalé, a Colmbian folk dance from the Atlantic region characterized by its mixture of African, Indigenous, and Spanish roots. The end of the second movement is a condensed variation of the slow material from the beginning. The third movement presents a permanent conflict between bambuco (first movement) and mapalé (fast section of second movement), and finally blends the two folk dances to conclude the piece.

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This recording: Heather Verbeck, flute; Joshua Nemith, piano